Do you practise catch and release?

Catch and release - Leigh Rubes Cartoons

Catch and release is the practice, after catching a fish, of unhooking and returning it to the water before it experiences serious exhaustion or injury. Don’t forget to use barbless hooks!

Huge Hammerhead Tows Man Out to Sea

Hammerhead tows kayak out to sea

Keen kayak angler Adam Fisk got more than he bargained for when he hooked a huge, 11-foot hammerhead over the weekend. It towed him 8 miles in under 6 minutes before he finally gave up and cut the line.

Cod caught with vibrator

Cod vibrator

They say funnier things happen at sea… Norwegian fisherman, Bjoern Frilund, was left “astonished” after finding a large vibrator inside the stomach of his latest catch, a 6kg cod.

Makes me glad I’m not a fish

Kingfisher animated GIF

There are definitely certain things that make me glad I’m not a fish. And this is definitely one of them. Still, it’s a kingfisher from an angle you don’t see every day!

Fish Art by Tommy Kinnerup

Pike perch illustration

We wanted to share these awesome images by Danish artist, Tommy Kinnerup, who created these fantastic fish illustrations for fishing tackle brand, Savage Gear.