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Memories of (Sir) Robert Biddulph

Lord Biddulph

I have always been a creature of the outdoors. As a small boy I was always out in the fields or by a stream looking at the wild animals and fish, and it was inevitable that I would become an enthusiastic participant in fishing and field sports. I caught my first fish, a perch, when […]

Persistence pays on Chew Valley Reservoir

Reservoir piking

Every year I try to include a couple of 2 day trips to Chew Valley Lake in order to indulge my favourite passion, namely fly fishing for pike. Many years ago I regularly fished Chew and Blagdon, initially with my first wife Lesley and later with my father who went down there to live in […]

Cormorants: a letter to my MP

Cormorant Picture

Dear Michael Ellis, I am sending you this email in part frustration, part desperation! My name is Mike Green. I am one of your constituents, a retired optometrist (age 71 – although I can’t believe it), living in Chapel Brampton for the last 32 years, and  a lifelong country sportsman. I have had the honour  […]

Return to Earith Lakes

Earith Lakes Owners House

A few years ago my great friend and fishing pal, Bob Church, introduced me to this beautiful fishery in the fenlands of Cambridgeshire, and I liked it at first sight. Bob had previously caught some enormous rainbow trout there, including one over 20 pounds, as well as specimen rudd, bream, tench and carp. He was […]