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World record cod is only fish ever to break 100lbs

103lb cod world record

Michael Eisele hooked and boated this massive 103lb cod in May 2013 – a new world record and the only cod ever caught weighing more than 100lbs. Great pictures – what a beast!

Can fisheries recover from toxic algae?

15lb pike from Arnold's

Our never-fail pike lake developed an awful toxic algae bloom, following a spell of very hot, still weather. It caused the death of scores of fish. Could it ever recover, we wondered?

Pollock Fishing at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Eddystone Lighthouse

On a sunny day in October, the Green family took advantage of the extremely calm conditions and blasted out to go fishing at the Eddystone Lighthouse, where they picked up a nice mixed bag. Watch the video here.

How to release a salmon (not)

How not to release a salmon

How not to release a salmon. As any salmon fisherman will tell you, just because the river is full of fish doesn’t mean you’re going to catch them.

Proof that pike fishing is better than watching football

Pike fishing banner

“Whatever is Bob going to say?” I thought to myself in a pleasant daze, only to be interrupted by the scream of the bite indicator on the first rod!

Fishing prank


I can’t help feeling for this poor unsuspecting angler, as he sits patiently waiting for a fish. Friends can be so cruel!