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Snow use worrying!

Snow luck

After yesterday’s nice double it was inevitable that I should have another look at the river today. First glance however told me that unfortunately there was a bit of increased colour evident – not good news! I have agreed to take several people fly-piking who have paid in auction to a cancer charity, and am […]

Success in the snow

Snowy 16-pound pike

Everything was covered in two inches of snow when I looked out yesterday morning. It had been forecast however and at least it’s liable to have a less adverse effect on the river than heavy rain (I hope!). In any event Max looks at me in disbelief if we are not out for a walk […]

An oasis in the desert

Welcome South Lake Pike

I am sure many of us have been tearing what’s left of our hair out during these recent weeks of incessant rain and floods, wondering where the Hell to fish in water that is not racing by at 12 mph and/or chocolate brown! Bob and I have basically two venues that have escaped the floods […]

Catching pike in floods

yellow pike fly

Since the advent of the floods finding somewhere to fish has been a real problem. Virtually the entire Nene valley became a huge lake. So much for not transferring fish from one place to another! Once the lakes and pits are full of muddy river water they can take ages to clear, and it’s likely […]

Why fly fish for pike?

Fly Fish for Pike

  I am often asked why I fly fish for pike, so I thought I’d try to make a list of some of the most compelling reasons. I know it’s not for everybody but, for me, there’s nothing else like it. Travel light: all you need is rod, reel, line, line-tray and a pocketful of […]