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Muddy water pike on fly

Muddy water pike

At last the weather (dare I say it?) appears to have taken a turn for the better, and we have now enjoyed three or four days of calm, cold and sunny conditions. Despite this however the meadows are all either still flooded or at best sodden, and coloured water is running into the Nene from […]

16lb Atlantic salmon from the Tyne

Fishing Bait

After a very hard week fishing together for salmon on the River Lyon in Perthshire, my pal Andy Blyth and I decided to have a few casts on a stretch of the River Tyne on our way back south. It was great to see a few fish running in a river that was once so polluted, and even better to catch a lovely one like this!

Fly fishing nymphs on Pitsford Reservoir

Nice rainbow trout

    Seeing as the weather is so awful, here’s a story I’ve had saved for a while… It was late spring in 2012 and Bob (Church) had fished in a friendly match at Pitsford earlier that week, boating seven large rainbows. Graham Pearson, Bob’s boat partner and semi-professional trout match fisherman, had caught even […]