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Smile for the camera

Fishing joke picture

We’ve all done it!

Fly fishing in Mauritius

Fly fishing in Mauritius - Dominique Taveneau

Having booked a holiday in September 2010 with my girlfriend, Anna, I was keen to find out about fly fishing in Mauritius. We were staying at a lovely hotel on the south west coast called Les Pavillons, which I recommend highly!

How to fly fish nymphs in New Zealand

Wild New Zealand Rainbow Trout

In the faster-flowing rivers of New Zealand I learnt a variation on the traditional British nymphing technique, which most anglers rarely, if ever, practice

Carp fishing girls

Carp fishing girl

I thought I’d share these contrasting pictures of two ‘other halves’ holding fish for the camera. One looks pretty comfortable – the other not so much!

Fishing knots for braided line

Grinner Knot1

This simple knot is suitable for both nylon and braided lines or a combination of the two. I find it useful for attaching a hook securely to the line/leader, or for joining two lines together, including joining a ‘shock leader’ to the running line. If you would use ONLY this knot for ALL your fishing, […]

Airflo V-Lite Fly Reel Review

Aiflo V-Lite

Given the cost of the reel, which is less than half the price of the next cheapest sealed drag reel on the market, the Airflo V-Lite is a great purchase.