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Vintage Advertising from Western Filament

vintage advertising banner

Classic vintage advertising from US monofilament maker, Western Filament, extolling the invisibility of their latest line. We love the last paragraph…

Video: stalking big rainbow trout in shallow water

Rainbow trout fishing video

Nice short video: stalking a big rainbow trout with what looks like a dry fly, in ankle-deep water. It just shows you the value of being stealthy.

Amazing underwater shots!

Fishing in the wind

Check out these amazing underwater shots. They’re the product of photographer and outdoor adventurer, Yngve Ask. Yngve believes in taking real photos that tell a story – a little rough around the edges and full of character.

Sea lion vs seal

Sea lion vs seal

Look at this cheeky sea lion, snatching a fisherman’s prized dorado from right under his nose! What makes us think it’s a sealion vs seal? Well, here’s a a good way to spot the difference…

No groundbait wins the day!

Kens-mirror carp

Before I could cast the third rod out – and just as Ken arrived – the first one was away! Unfortunately that fish came off almost immediately and, winding in, I discovered that the hook had broken!

Watch the first 1:30secs – massive brown trout

Matt Heron brown trout

I can only assume that this guy knew where this massive brown trout was lying, then went with his camera guy to film it. Nevertheless, it’s a great video. It’s a beautiful big fish and he comes within an inch of losing it!