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The best peacock bass fishing in Brazil?

Ricky peacock bass

When my pals from ‘up North’ said they’d found the best peacock bass fishing in Brazil, they immediately got my attention. It took me all of ten seconds to decide I’d like to join them.

Fishing Cartoons by Tundra Comics

Tundra Comics Fishing Cartoon©

In his own words, fishing cartoon creator, Chad Carpenter, “was born at an early age” in Alaska. Sadly he was “abandoned by his parents on his 20th birthday”. Genius…

Animated fishing GIF: Bear catches salmon

Bear catches salmon

In times of plenty, bears just eat the brains and roe of the spawning salmon – leaving the meat for scavengers. This is the most nutritious (or maybe tasty?!) part.

Atlantic salmon taking dry flies in slow motion

Salmon on dry flies

I can think of nothing better than seeing big salmon take dry flies. This awesome 3-minute movie shows numerous chunky Atlantic salmon taking big bushy flies off the top. Enjoy!

Best fishing knot for thick leader?

Neat Knot Stage 4

What’s the best knot to use for a thick leader? Very shortly I hope to be paying a second visit to Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica – one of the best venues in the world for catching giant tarpon on the fly. The fish are huge and thinking about the trip reminded me of […]

What makes fish bite?

Global Prevailing Winds

For centuries fishermen all over the world have pondered this question but we are seemingly none the wiser. Sometimes you can catch fish, other times you can’t and, although we might give one of a hundred excuses as to why we’ve come home empty-handed (too bright/too dark/too hot/too cold/too windy/too still etc), more often than […]