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Competition from Trout Porn


For any of you who are on Facebook and fancy a chance of winning some free stuff, have a look at this photo competition from Facebook page, Trout Porn. It’s their best prize package yet…

At 122cm long, this barramundi almost won’t fit in the net

Rodney Collings barramundi Queensland

This video shows Rodney Collings catching a monster barramundi with Queensland fishing guide Andy Thomsen. At 1 metre 22cm it’s almost too big for the net.

Did anyone know that John Wayne used to work as a fishing bailiff?

John Wayne Water Bailiff

It’s a little known fact that John Wayne used to patrol the lakes and rivers of the Wild West, looking for people fishing without a licence.

Red letter day – pike fishing at Chew Valley Reservoir

Chew Valley, Rick Varley seven 20lb pike in one session

In the order they were caught, the fish weighed 21, 25, 20, 27, 30, 25 and 21lbs. We also lost four fish, two of which we saw and estimated at 20lb-plus. What an amazing morning!

This is what you do when a salmon runs off downstream…

Atlantic salmon fishing in Quebec

If you can stand the soundtrack, this is another nice film – this time shot in Quebec. It shows some lovely big Atlantic salmon and several wonderful takes, right at the surface.

It’s not what’s on the end of this fisherman’s line that’s a shock. It’s what happens next!

Fishing surprise

This guy gets the scare of his life when he pulls his fish to the surface. Something tells me that rod is not up to the task…!!