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Nice spey casting video

Spey casting video

If you’ve ever fished with a double-handed rod, it’s likely you’ve tried spey casting. You’ll also know that, while in the hands of an expert a spey cast can be a truly beautiful technique, creating wonderful shapes and serious line speed, in the hands of an amateur it can be terrifying. My friend, Andy Blyth, […]

A joke about fishing

Best ever happiness quote

Here’s an old joke about fishing with a not-so-well-hidden moral… In a small coastal Mexican village an American tourist was watching a small fishing boat pull into the pier. Clearly the fisherman had enjoyed a reasonable day’s sport: in the bottom of the boat lay four large tuna. The American complimented the Mexican on his […]

Shark attack caught on camera

Shark attack video

Most divers and surfers will tell you not to worry about shark attacks. As an instructor once told me when teaching me to surf: “Get out there you pussy, sharks eat fish!”.

Lure fishing for big predators in Fort Myers, Florida

Pine Island Sound, Fort Myers

If you find yourself near Fort Myers in Florida and fancy a spot of jigging, lure fishing or saltwater flyfishing, you may consider looking up Captain Paul Hobby.

Epic battle with a large Atlantic salmon

Big salmon from Byske River in Sweden

This epic battle is one of the best I’ve seen. It features a 30lb salmon dragging a very excited angler down more than 1km of the River Byske in Sweden. Enjoy…

The fisherman’s wife: a lesson for your other half

A story for every angler who fears his wife may one day want him to give up fishing and spend more time at home. The fisherman’s wife is to be obeyed at all times. Well, almost…