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Underwater Fish Photography by Jason Arnold

Redfish chases lure, jason arnold

Check out these gorgeous underwater fish photographs, taken by Jason Arnold – one of the leading fish and fishing photographers in the United States. As seen in Sportfishing Magazine.

Until I watched this, I thought I’d seen it all

Tenkara fly fishing

I don’t know about you, but this guy showed me something I’ve never seen before, and I consider myself a pretty keen fisher. What I love most is what you do when you hook a big fish that wants to run…

Why fish a chod rig in weedy conditions?

Mike Green carp 27lbs

In the gin-clear water I could see that the weed had started to grow so, as a bit of an experiment, I decided to fish a chod rig for the third rod, with pop-ups on the end.

Fishing in the Canary Islands

Boat Fishing Canary Islands

A big thank you to Rafael Rivero Hierro for sharing his photographs of fishing in the Canary Islands. By practising catch and release, fishermen like Rafael and his friends have done their bit towards preserving their fishery, and they’re reaping the rewards…

Animated GIF: Fishing Dog

fishing dog

Here’s something to brighten your day – check out this animated gif of a fishing dog. I wouldn’t have thought he’d be quick enough to catch one but…

Can snakes catch fish?

Snake fisherman

Can snakes catch fish? OK, it’s a pretty obvious headline, but I had no idea snakes could go underwater and catch themselves a fish supper. As these photos show, clearly I was wrong.