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Monster trout on fry patterns at Rutland Water

Dan trout fishing at Rutland Water

In April this year I had the most phenomenal day’s trout fishing of my life. By the time we made the harbour we had ten huge trout weighing up to 8lb 8oz.

Fishing for zander in Sweden

Young boy Perch-Fishing-in-Sweden

Michael Kleeman is a predator specialist, who runs tours fishing for zander, pike, perch and char in some of Sweden’s premier fishing venues. If your heart is set on a 10lb+ zander, this could be for you.

Fly fishing for pike in Finland

Pike fly fishing tournament in Finland

In 2009 I was asked if I would like to represent England in the first ever International Pike Fly Fishing Tournament. As fly fishing for pike is my favourite type of angling, I agreed.

Can you stop a fish bleeding from the gills with Coke or Sprite?

Louis Cahill Gink and Gasoline

We’ve all felt that twinge of guilt on realising we’ve hooked a fish in the gills, but can Coke, Sprite or Mountain Dew really help them heal?

Muskie versus trout: video

Pike versus trout

Check out this video of a hungry muskie versus trout. Muskie, like their cousins, the Northern and European pike, are fierce predators and are happy tackling large prey, which include fish, crustaceans and even waterfowl.

Tarpon, breathing air and making daisy chains

As many Atlantic tarpon fishermen will tell you, tarpon are regularly known to ‘daisy chain’ and to breathe air – two unusual behaviours exhibited by this most mysterious fish.