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Photography from Fin Addiction Charters

Fin Addiction Charters

Having fished with Captain Jeff Smith of Fin Addiction Charters – a specialist in fly and light tackle – I’ll never forget the massive striped bass runs around Cape Cod, with big fish smashing sand eels as far as the eye could see.

Catching spring trout on Pitsford Reservoir

I found myself suddenly attached to a 4lb rainbow. It is easy to exaggerate but I would say that the fish tore off a distance of probably 45 yards or more.

Vermillion: Trout Fishing Video by Kitchen Sink Studios

Vermillion Trout Fishing Film

Seeing a trout fishing video like this not only makes me want to get out there and pick up my fly rod, it also makes me think I should use my camera more often. It’s not true that memories last forever…

Beauty or the beast – which is it for you?

Russ Kenyon, The Church

I just spotted these huge fish posted by popular UK carp man, Kevin Nash. Caught in Hungary, they weigh a massive 93 and 98lbs respectively. But does size really matter, or is a beautiful English carp just as good a capture?

We’re gonna need a bigger bait

Massive earthworm

Check out the size of this worm! Fishermen everywhere are searching through their tackle boxes and fish books, trying to imagine the size of the fish you’d need to justify baiting up with something like this! It’s a large-bodied earthworm, found in the foothills of Sumaco Volcano in Ecuador, and identified as Martiodrilus crassus by […]

Matt Harris strikes it rich… again!

Matt Harris 33lb salmon Yokanga

I have to take my hat off to photographer, Matt Harris. Not only does he get to enjoy some of the world’s best fly fishing, he also mixes it with the bold and the beautiful.