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Review: Farlex S-Handle Fly Reel

22lb atlantic salmon

At $800 – $1200 a Farlex will make a serious dent in your wallet, but if you want something truly unique, this is a fly reel you will never stop enjoying.

It’s like something out of ‘Alien’

Alien invader

Can anyone help us identify this horrible creepy crawly, which almost makes this angler jump out of his skin? It’s like something from a horror movie!

The 21 best fish and watery photobombs of all time

Funny fish photobomb

Check out these fishy photobombs. I realise that they aren’t all fish, but some of them were just too darn funny to leave out. Enjoy.

Behold… the salmon cannon

Salmon cannon

Seattle-based company, Whooshh Innovations have developed vacuum-based technology for transporting migrating fish past dams and obstacles. It’s called… “the salmon cannon”.

What is a shark afraid of?

Red grouper jason arnold

A few months back we posted two videos showing how aggressive a goliath grouper can be. Well here are two more. Watch the grouper devour a large shark whole. Pretty awesome!

BOATING TIP: backing down… NOT like this!

Backing down and swamping the cockpit

Backing down a sport fishing boat is not without its dangers. Get it wrong, and the cockpit will be swamped with saltwater. Get it really wrong and you can sink the boat. It happens!