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How fast is a pike?

Pike attack

Pike have been recorded at speeds of up to 4.75 metres-per-second in attack and 7 metres-per-second in escape scenarios, which is between 10 and 15mph

Catching big pike and perch at Grafham Water


“If this is a perch it’s a world record!” I exclaimed to Dave, as the fish continued to pull hard and made a series of unstoppable dives back to the bottom.

Funny Fishing Stereotypes

I didn’t know this, but there are a bunch of guys in the USA who make funny videos about different stereotypes. This is their fishing one. Enjoy…

Tenth Time Lucky with a Monster Perch

Perch fishing at Grafham

On careful weighing, the monster perch was well over the magic number, at a weight of 4lbs 8oz exactly. I was floating on air. What a fish and what a day!

Fish versus terrapin – who’s your money on?

Fish v turtle fight

Who will win this underwater fight – the snapping terrapin or the fish, whose teeth could never puncture the terrapin’s tough skin? You might be surprised…

Drunk fisherman – WARNING – Offensive Language

Drunk fisherman

These videos both made me laugh out loud. They’re both pretty offensive – with really bad language and vomiting – but they’re both pretty funny too.