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FIGHT! Fisherman versus fisherman…

Osprey attacks fisherman

In the modest words of the guy who made it: “This video is amazing!” …The thing is, he’s right. One angler stealing from another like this is pretty rare. Funnily enough he says, “I wasn’t afraid…”. Yeah right!

20 of nature’s greatest anglers – showing the rest of us how it’s done

There are good anglers, there are terrible anglers, and there are great anglers. I’m sure plenty of you could tell a tale or two about the guy that could catch fish absolutely anywhere, and just as many of you could amuse us with tales of a friend who couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a […]

How I go fishing

How I go fishing image

To our fellow fishermen. This is how we go fishing – a little compilation to brighten your day. Hope it made you smile. Tight lines!

World record common carp – 86lbs 6oz?

Record common carp

I’ve found these amazing pictures of an apparent world record common carp of 86lbs 6oz, caught by a chap called Graham Marsden. Anyone know the facts?