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Birds fishing – the amazing photography of Hemant Kumar

River Tern

Hemant Kumar has a knack of capturing his local bird life on film, paying particular attention to birds fishing in Hyderabad’s lakes and streams near his home in India.

Goliath Tigerfish – Not for the Faint-Hearted

Goliath Tigerfish Francois Botha

WARNING: This article by Francois Botha, might make feel like a fishing lightweight. He heads into war-torn Africa in pursuit of goliath tigerfish, producing some sinister images and spectacular results.

This is how a GREAT tarpon season looks… in less than 2mins

Dog v tarpon on fly

This splendid tarpon fishing movie is made by the people at Waterline Media, who love anything to do with saltwater. You’ve got it – they’re fishing bums… and flipping talented ones at that!

This musky takes two nearly-full-grown men to hold it

Musky video

If you’re into catching predatory fish, you’ll probably appreciate this huge musky caught in Ontario. The footage, which is pretty darned good by the way, was shot by the guys at Uncut Fishing. Great work!

Unbelievable shark feeding frenzy video goes viral!

Shark feeding frenzy goes viral

Earlier this month bystanders witnessed a massive shark feeding frenzy close to shore, where 100-plus sharks threw themselves into a shoal of bluefish, sometimes beaching themselves in the process.

English humour: Competitive Dad Goes Fishing (VIDEO)

Fast show competitive dad fishing

My own Dad, Mike Green, took me fishing as a boy, but luckily for me he wasn’t like this at all. But many things in this sketch ring true. I hope you enjoy it!