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Best Fishing Fails 2014

Best Fishing Fails 2014

Some of these fishing fails will definitely make you laugh. The guy that electrocutes himself a few clips in is hilarious; slightly disturbing but hilarious!

Massive brown out of the blue

Mike Green personal best brown trout Rutland Water

It was all very enjoyable; but then something special happened. I was retrieving yet another small perch when I felt a jolt, and line screamed off my reel at an alarming rate of knots!

Watch these giant wild rainbows smashing surface muddlers

Strobel lake rainbow

Never heard of Strobel Lake or the Barrancoso River? Neither had I. Locals claim it’s the best wild rainbow trout fishing in the world. I think they might be right!

That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife!

Tuna cutting

They say simple things bring us the most pleasure. There’s something about this man’s fluid movement, the lack of waste and the precision in this short film that is just a joy to behold. Or am I just weird?