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This video will make you want to buy a shotgun

Beretta shotgun video

This video from Italian shotgun maker, Beretta, is well worth a watch. As with any video over 3 minutes long, I never thought I’d make it to the end. I did.

VIDEO: Catching Redfish on Muddlers

Redfish video

I’d love to try a bit of this – redfish look like great fish to catch and they’re wonderful looking. Anyone know how they compare to, say, bonefish?

Is there a happy ending? You’ll have to watch it!

Big trout on Vimeo

Our social media friends, the Currant Creek Fly Company, recently shared this video with the words: “Has this ever been you?? Take 10 minutes to laugh!!”. What wise words they are!

Huge fish catch in Sri Lanka

Huge fish catch in Sri Lanka

I can’t identify these long, thin fish for definite, but I would guess they’re a mixture of Spanish mackerel and yellowfin tuna, and boy are there a lot of them…!

Man’s Best Friend… or Carp’s Best Friend?

Dog kisses fish

You don’t have to be into fishing to enjoy this amazing encounter between a dog and a fish. The unlikely friends can’t get enough of each other.

8 easy tips that will have you taking better fishing photos today

Take better fishing photos

I see a LOT of fishing photos and most of them aren’t great. This post will show you how to take better fishing photos in eight simple steps. Try them out one at a time and I guarantee you’ll see positive results.