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Dorado vs Flying Fish: Incredible Footage

Dorado vs flying fish BBC

Are there any fishermen out there that don’t consider this BBC footage spectacular? How they captured these shots, I have no idea. It’s an excerpt from “Hunger at Sea” – part of the BBC series, “The Hunt”

Kayak Fishing Tips to Make Your Trip a Success

Kayak Fishing Tips

We all know in order to have a successful fishing outing that it takes time to prepare and plan. This is no different when it comes to kayak fishing. If you take the time to make the adjustments you need to make your kayak a better fit for you the more comfortable you will be. […]

Catfish Car from American Pride Seafood

Catfish Car from American Pride Seafood

Check out the ‘catfish car’ from the marketing genius at American Pride Seafood. They’ve totally gone to town on what once appears to have been a VW Beetle. This is the stuff social media marketers’ dreams are made of!