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My pike fly fishing obsession – the beginning

Fly-caught pike from Chew Valley Lake, Mike Green

“It’s a f……..g great crocodile!” he replied, and one look at his ashen face told me he believed it! “Whatever it is, I do NOT want it in this boat with me!”

Brooklyn 12.5-Foot Tandem Fishing Kayak Review

Brooklyn 12.5-Foot Tandem Fishing Kayak Review

Whether you’re hitting the local lake, river or the open ocean, the Brooklyn Tandem Fishing Kayak delivers on all bases. All we don’t like is the name.

WANTED: New nickname

Rod Barley with a 100lb Chao Phraya Catfish from jurassic mountain fishing lake in Thailand

After a week carp fishing in Thailand, with the goal of catching a giant arapaima, I believe I need a new nickname. “Golden B******s” no longer applies. I was thoroughly duffed up by every other angler, who landed some huge carp, catfish and arapaima.