Alaska’s Red Salmon Run Shot From The Sky

If you’re sitting there wondering how you’re ever going to get over this year’s Christmas feasting, you’ve probably got 4 or 5 minutes spare for this. Shot from the skies above southern Alaska’s Lake Iliamni, this wonderful footage shows the progress of the sockeye salmon (sometimes called red salmon, due to their vivid spawning colouration), as they make their way up the Alaskan tributaries to breed.

Sockeye salmon school, Alaska

Sadly, almost all sockeye salmon perish – it’s a one-way ticket to that great spawning ground in the sky – but their bodies create a massive feast for hundreds of different species of animal, which depend on this annual event to make it through the harsh winter months that follow.

Very calming – and makes me want to go there!!

Salmon run from the sky

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