Are you ugly? Well there may be a silver lining

You may remember back in September 2013 the BBC reported on the ugliest animal in the world, which was won, you’ve guessed it, by a fish.

It was a public vote, organised by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which promised to use the ‘winner’ (loser?) as its mascot. In running the campaign, the Society hoped to draw attention to the threats facing the world’s less beautiful creatures – after all, it’s not only jaguars and condors that have problems surviving.

blobfish profile

The competition prize went to the was the grumpy-looking, gelatinous blobfish, which actually seized a decisive victory by almost 10,000 votes! In winning, the blobfish hit the headlines. And that’s where the good news begins…

Thanks to the campaign, many people will now recognise Blobby’s weird-looking face, and may be aware that he lives in atmospheric pressures several dozen times more intense than our own, at depths of between 600 and 1200m, meaning his body is only slightly more dense than water. Amazing. They may also know that, as well as being hit hard with the ugly stick, the poor old blobfish is endangered. Its natural diet is crustacea, which means it’s sometimes scooped up in the nets used by crab and lobster fishermen. Poor old blobby.


Let’s just hope that, with all the press coverage, more will be done to protect the blobfish in the future, and of course the same goes for the massive-nosed proboscis monkey, the pig-nosed turtle and, who could forget, the “scrotum frog”?!

Whatever you do, if you want your very own blobfish, don’t catch one in a crab net, buy one of these fluffy ones instead.

Stuffed blobfish toy

Or why don’t you follow in the footsteps of food artist Lou Lou P, and bake your own whisky-flavoured blobfish truffles? You know it makes sense.

Blobfish truffles

Image credit: Images Junkee

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