How To Attach Fly Line To Backing

What I am about to describe seems so obvious it could be a waste of effort but it took my good friend, Jamie Groom, and I some time and experimenting before we arrived at this result.

For my pike fly fishing I invariably use an 11-weight Airflo shooting-head, coupled to Airflo 50lb level ‘Ridge’ running-line (they also do it in 30lb class, but I prefer the heavier version, which I find to be almost tangle-free).

Jamie and I tried all sorts of knots, loop-to-loop etc, but eventually arrived at this simple join, which has proven 100% satisfactory. This is how it works:

Join backing and line1

1. Here you see the shooting-head, running line and about 5” of 50lb braided nylon. Both lines are cut at a reasonably shallow angle to make a smoother joint.

Join backing and line2

2. Feed the head up inside the braided “mono” to about halfway

Join backing and line3

3. Now do the same with the backing line until it snugly overlaps the head by approx half-an-inch, apply some Superglue and gently pull both ends while it quickly dries.

Join backing and line4

4. All that remains is to whip each end of the braid with strong thread, (I use Kevlar), apply more glue, then when dry put on an overcoat of varnish.

It could hardly be more simple to do, feeds up the rod-rings like silk and is stronger than you might believe – I have caught several big tarpon including two over 150lbs and a monster of 180lbs using this join and never had a problem.

I commend it to the House!