Awesome fishing machine with non-pneumatic tyres

Ever owned a quad/ATV? I’ve known all sorts of fishermen use them for transporting kit where there’s no access to cars: along the shingle on the East Coast of England in search of cod and whiting, up and down the beaches of Cape Cod where the striped bass hug the coastline, and along the sandy bays of Baja California, where flyfishermen have to be quick to intercept speeding rooster fish.

ATVs are great bits of kit but what happens when you get a puncture? Nightmare.

polaris-sportsman 850

Well, this is the Polaris Sportsman WV850. As well as looking pretty decent, having a massive, 11.75-gallon fuel tank, carrying a 3,500-pound winch and being able to support loads of up to 600lbs, the Sportsman’s most impressive and eye-catching feature has to be these amazing looking non-pneumatic tyres.


Known as TerrainArmor™, it’s claimed these tyres can take a direct hit from a .50-calibre round, or run straight over a steel spike, and go on without as much as wincing. Impressive, eh? That means there’s no need to carry a spare and absolutely no danger of ‘getting a flat’. They also say they corner better than normal tyres, so it sounds like it’s win-win.

This ATV is based very closely around vehicles Polaris supplies to the US military, who have already tested them in what they called “extreme situations”.

It’s not all good news though. The Sportsman WV850 O.S. starts at $14,999 in the USA, and will only be available in “very limited quantities”. It’s not yet clear if they’ll be available elsewhere, so our recommendation is to get an enquiry in quick!

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