Andy Blyth

Andy Blyth fishing

Andy started fishing at an early age, under the watchful eye of father, Ian. Born in Northumberland, his stomping grounds included the Tyne and its tributaries, where he could often be found tossing a small MEPPS upstream in search of seatrout and salmon. Andy's first salmon, as is featured on this site, was a monstrous 28.5lb cock, which he landed on 12lb leader and a 10-foot rod. Since then he's been.... well... hooked.
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Are you a better angler than this 8-year-old?

Hugo and his catch

This is Hugo. He’s 8 years old. I admit, he’s obeen learning from a truly great fisherman (me!!), but it seems he has a natural talent for catching salmon.

Review: Farlex S-Handle Fly Reel

22lb atlantic salmon

At $800 – $1200 a Farlex will make a serious dent in your wallet, but if you want something truly unique, this is a fly reel you will never stop enjoying.

The best tarpon fishing videos you’re likely to see

Tarpon fishing videos

Possibly the best tarpon fishing videos on the Internet. They’re both trailers for longer films (I think), but at 5 minutes long, they’re very watchable.

Not bad for a first salmon…

Andy Blyth first salmon

The slack in the line very gradually came tight and the line began to swing very slowly across the current, then it stopped. I figured it must be caught on the bottom, with all the slack line and slow current, so I lifted the rod to try to free it. The bottom began to move.