James Green

Orvis Fly Reel Review

James Green began fishing at the tender age of two. Born into a family of keen fishers, including mother, father, brother and later stepfather, it was somewhat inevitable he would take up the sport.
Although James enjoys coarse, sea and game fishing, his passion lies with fly fishing. There's nothing he loves more than practising his casting in northern England and Scotland, especially when there's a chance of an occasional salmon or seatrout. And if the opportunity arises, he can sometimes be found in warmer climes, pursuing tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.
James' claim to fame was being voted overall 'Master Angler of the Year' at the age of twelve - an award he received from Shakespeare tackle for bagging two big (at the time) common carp, in successive casts, on floating crust: 25lbs and 23.5lbs.
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