James Green

Orvis Fly Reel Review

James Green began fishing at the tender age of two. Born into a family of keen fishers, including mother, father, brother and later stepfather, it was somewhat inevitable he would take up the sport.
Although James enjoys coarse, sea and game fishing, his passion lies with fly fishing. There's nothing he loves more than practising his casting in northern England and Scotland, especially when there's a chance of an occasional salmon or seatrout. And if the opportunity arises, he can sometimes be found in warmer climes, pursuing tailing bonefish, tarpon or permit.
James' claim to fame was being voted overall 'Master Angler of the Year' at the age of twelve - an award he received from Shakespeare tackle for bagging two big (at the time) common carp, in successive casts, on floating crust: 25lbs and 23.5lbs.
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Fishing GIF – catch a bass by hand

catching bass by hand

Guy catching a bass by hand – this is one of my favourite GIFs – I had no idea how it was done before I worked out he’s holding some kind of bass-favourite titbit! See more animated GIFs about fishing

Video: killer whale attacks blue whale

Killer whale attacks

Killer whale attacks are occasionally caught on film, but this may be the biggest prey ever recorded. In this video, a pod of as many as twenty five killer whales attacks a blue whale – the largest animal on the planet.

Sea trout photos – Stephan Dombaj

Sea trout images

Although Stephan Dombaj has fished all over the world, he’s probably best known for his guiding work in Southern Patagonia, Argentina, and his wonderful sea trout photos. These are our favourites…

How to fillet a trout

How to fillet a fish

The guy doing this demo worked at a trout farm for 7 years, so he’s had plenty of practice. I’ve never seen trout filleting done this way before, but it looks very efficient when compared to my standard approach of taking off one side at a time. See what you think.

Cheeky heron fishing GIF

heron fishing with bait

Check out this cheeky heron, using an insect or some other such ‘nibble’ as fishing bait. It works too! I had no idea herons used bait to help them catch fish, but there are a couple of examples, so it’s not a one-off.

Bermuda fishing

White Marlin

Best known for its billfish and wahoo, Bermuda is home to all kinds of quality sportfish, including yellowfin and blackfin tuna, bonita, dolphinfish, barracuda, snapper, rainbow runner and amberjack. Plenty for the visiting angler to go at.