BOATING TIP: backing down… NOT like this!

Check out these photos we spotted from Sportfishing Mag:

Backing down and swamping the cockpit

These were taken while fighting a large blue marlin. In situations like this, while the angler and crew battle the fish from the boat’s cockpit, the captain usually sits up above, manoeuvring the boat from the flybridge.

At times, as in these photos, it’s sometimes necessary to chase the fish by “backing down” the boat. These fish are mighty fast and there’s only so much line on those massive saltwater reels. But it’s not a new technique and sport fishing charters have been successfully pulling it off for years. It’s also a good way of landing fish faster, which can be important, especially when fishing in tournaments where speed is of the essence.

Backing down and swamping the deck

But backing down is not without its dangers. Get it wrong, and before you know it the cockpit will be swamped with saltwater. Get it really wrong and you can sink the boat. It happens!

But as Captain Allen SeSilva of 56-foot sport fishing boat, “Mako”, told Sportfishing Mag:

“No fish is worth risking the lives of your passengers and crew”

DeSilva’s a man who knows. he’s been behind the landing of six blue marlin over 1,000 pounds, including Bermuda’s record fish, which tipped the scales to a staggering 1,352lbs in 1995.

Too right!

Thanks to Sportfishing Mag

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