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Anyone can become an author on As well as, we hope, being a great place for fishing information, stories, pictures and videos, is designed to help our contributors get a lot more out of angling in general. Being part of can get you great deals on tackle, free kit to test and write about, discount on fishing trips around the region and around the world, or can even help you build a business.

If you’re a professional guide, tackle shop, or you do something else in the world of fishing, we can help you reach new customers. If you’re already writing a fishing blog, we can get you in front of a much bigger audience. If you just want to share your latest catches with friends – this is the perfect place to do it. Register as a user using the form on the right.

How does it work?

There are millions of people on this planet who like fishing, and quite a few of you like to take pictures and write blogs while you’re doing it, but that means there’s an awful lot of information out there. In a way, everyone is competing for a share of the same ‘voice’. For many of you, writing about fishing is a labour of love – it doesn’t generate an income and it doesn’t get that much attention. Sure, you can write and you can take a decent photograph, but you don’t really know what makes Google tick and you’re never going to be an expert in online marketing. That’s where comes in.

If you’re already writing and taking pictures, you’re already doing the hard part. By moving your content onto the platform, you can continue to do exactly what you do now, but instead of reaching only the few people who read your blog, your posts will be seen by the entire audience. Register as a user using the form on the right.

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We have spent our entire careers understanding how to make the most of the Internet and, through, we will work hard, on your behalf, to make sure as many people see your posts as possible. We will use social media, search engine optimisation and a few other techniques we’ve learned along the way to make sure you reach fishermen across the globe.

Being a writer will open up doors. As a registered author on, fishermen and businesses around the world can get to know you – reading your posts, looking at your profile page, scanning your latest catches and, if they like what they see, reaching out and making contact. We expect our active authors to become a popular resource for tackle brands, bait manufacturers, fishing charters and fishing holiday brokers, all of which need impartial, expert reviews of their latest offerings. By working with you, they can get their products in front of the entire audience – an excellent way for them to reach a worldwide marketplace and an excellent way for you to get your hands on the latest kit, trips and experiences.

As well as marketing your content, we have an ongoing plan to talk, on your behalf, to tackle shops, tackle manufacturers, travel brands and fishing businesses of all shapes and sizes. When we get free tackle to review or we’re asked to travel to the latest hot fishing destination to write a report, our writers will be the first to know.

Is fishing your profession?

Are you a fishing guide, ghillie, boat owner, casting instructor, fishing shop proprietor, fly tyer, bait manufacturer, fishery owner, charter captain, fishing photographer or any other kind of fishing professional? is an excellent platform for you to share what’s best about your business. Although we don’t tolerate direct selling or advertising, we encourage you to share photographs, catch reports, tackle recommendations, fishing tips and anything you feel will benefit the world’s fishermen and demonstrate your skill and expertise. All of your posts will link back to your author profile and we’ll teach you how to post and promote yourself among our community. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch or register as a user using the form on the right.

Or do you just love fishing?

Most of the people posting stories and photos on this site are just like you – people who love to fish. If you can put together a good story, you know a good joke or you can take a half-decent photograph, we’d love to have you onboard. Click here to drop us a line