Our Guide to the Best Fishing Clothing and Accessories

This section of the site talks exclusively about fishing clothing and accessories – from waterproofs to the best fishing bags and all the little gadgets that many a fisherman would be lost without. We’ll give a broad overview of the different types of clothing and accessories you might need, then we’ll provide our thoughts on the best-in-breed products on the market. We’ll do our best to keep this section up-to-date to ensure you’re only reading about products that are still available, so please let us know if something we’ve covered is out of stock.

If you want to drill down into specific areas, you can click the links in the page below or navigate using the right-hand sidebar. Also in time, you’ll find reviews of specific items – from the latest coat to the best fishing bags. So if you’re looking for advice on a potential purchase, or you’re new to fishing and want an idea of what items of kit you might need, this section should point you in the right direction.

Waders, Shoes and Boots

When fishing, there’s nothing worse than getting wet feet, so you want to make sure you get yourself the appropriate footwear. There are all kinds of designs available, from standard hiking and waterproof walking boots, to wellington boots, thigh waders and, at the top of the scale, chest waders. Most are made to seal water out completely, while many also incorporate special layers of insulation to protect not just against the wet but also against the cold. Shoes, boots and thigh waders are all fairly straightforward in their design, but chest waders come in a range of different styles and designs – sometimes with specialised materials and sometimes with boots supplied separately. You can check out our guide to waders here >>

Lesley Thomas salmon Helmsdale

Fishing Kayaks and Kayak Accessories

Although fishing kayaks are not a new phenomenon, their popularity has increased dramatically in the last decade. For the fisherman who wants more flexibility, fishing kayaks can provide an unrivalled level of access to hard-to-reach venues. They can also be a great way to reach the far-flung corners of a venue that would otherwise be inaccessible.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on fishing kayaks and their accessories. Click here to read on.

Buy a Sun Dolphin fishing kayak

Waterproof Clothing

For fishermen and women, and in fact all outdoor types, a properly waterproof coat is an essential bit of kit. So many coats claim to be waterproof only to let you down when it matters most. We’ll be reviewing various jackets and over-trousers and will come up with a list of options that will keep you dry in even the most unfriendly conditions. We’ll consider the well-known brands as well as smaller manufacturers, making sure there are a few recommendations for every budget. Watch this space.

james Green pike from Chew Valley Lake

Polaroid Glasses

We’ve already tried one surprisingly good brand of polarised sunglasses – BluWater. We were sent several pairs to try on our 2014 bonefishing trip to Cuba, where – as you may well know if you’ve ever fished for these ‘ghosts of the flats – a good pair of polaroids is essential. The BluWater lenses went down very well with our party, one of whom packed up his beloved, and very expensive, pair of Costas to use his BluWaters all week! But we realise there’s a lot more work to do, so we’ll be testing a number of other brands over the coming months.

Bluwater Polarized Glasses

Bags, Luggage and Trollies

You might think that luggage and bags are more suited to society girls and fashion victims, but don’t underestimate the importance of a good fishing bag. We anglers (admittedly, some more than others) have a wealth of different fishing gear, and although our jackets have more pockets than the Levi’s factory, we’ve rarely got enough space to carry it all. Enter the humble fisherman’s bag. With so many options available – waterproof bags, shoulder bags, bags with wheels, boxes, chairs with bags attached… You name it, someone’s thought of it. We’ll be maintaining a list of our top ten, with links through to the best and cheapest places to find them.

Pliers, Knives and Nippers

When most of us have a perfectly good set of teeth in our jaws, is it wrong to use a knife to cut your leader? Well, speaking as a man who has been accused of being unmanly for not biting his line, I can confirm that there are some anglers out there who feel it is. Nevertheless, if you value your incisors as much as I do, you probably won’t mind reading about the different types of pliers, knives and nippers you might add to next year’s Christmas list. My father literally has a groove in one of his teeth from a lifetime of biting nylon. Personally, I’d rather spend a few dollars on a good knife, than a few thousand on a good dentist!!

Fish Finders

Not every angler needs a fish finder, and some believe it’s not sporting to use one, but when you’ve witnessed, first hand, the difference they can make, you might be persuaded otherwise. When fishing the big inland reservoirs of Central England as a boy – fisheries like Rutland and Grafham Water – I remember that trying to catch a fish could feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Trout fishing was one thing, but dragging the bottom with leaded lines looking for a big brown trout or zander could feel like a thankless task, or was sometimes soul destroying. Not with a fish finder though. Modern versions are incredibly accurate – not just picking out individual fish hundreds of feet down, but also telling you how big they are. There’s nothing like seeing a massive shape on the sonar for getting the heartbeat racing! When pursuing species at depth, fish finders can make all the difference and, perhaps even more importantly, can help you avoid wasted hours, fishing in a spot where there are simply no fish!

20lbs 8 ozs pike Esthwaite Bob Church

Kettles and Flasks

There are few pleasures in life I enjoy more than a hot cup of tea or soup when fishing on a cold winter’s day. I remember vividly fishing for pike with my father and brother, when we boys were about ten years old, and looking forward to warming up with some tomato soup and a dunked ham sandwich (don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!). Of course, those memories wouldn’t be possible, had Dad not remembered his thermos flask (and had my stepmother not reminded him to remember the soup!!). Kettles and flasks may not seem like obvious fishing accessories, but if you’ve done any ice fishing or fished overnight off the shore in mid-winter, you’ll know just how important they can be. We’ve picked out a few favourites and will give you a run-down shortly.

Fishing Books

Picture this: it’s a warm summer’s day and you’re fishing bait. You’ve cast out your rod(s), thrown in some loose offerings, turned on your radio, and now it’s time to sit back and wait for bite. Of course you could have a nap, but you can’t sleep all day, and as much as we wish it wouldn’t happen, there will be certain days when the fish just aren’t eating. Do you go home? I’m sure the other half will be happy to see you, and there must be some chores you could be getting on with…? On second thought, this spot isn’t so bad after all! Maybe I’ll have a little read of my latest fishing book before I go. Here’s our list of the best fishing books to help you pass the day…

Fishing Gifts

When the gifting season comes around, the question of what to purchase for that special someone in your life can often be a serious one. Just what does one give on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas that they don’t have already?! Check out our guide on the best fishing gifts here >>

We’ll be adding to this section from time-to-time, but if there’s a specific type of clothing or accessory you’d like to see featured, please get in touch. Likewise manufacturers – if you’ve designed what you think is the latest and greatest fishing tool, we have plenty of keen fishermen and women, who would be glad to give it a try and write a review. You can drop us a line here.

Fishing Videos

What fisherman doesn’t like kicking back after a hard day on the water, to watch your favourite pastime on the small screen? OK, a few, but they’re the exceptions. For the rest of you we’ve put together a list of our top ten fishing DVDs, including instructional how-to videos, documentaries and one or two Hollywood blockbusters. Whatever you’re looking for, there’s some ‘fishy’ entertainment here that’s right for you – guaranteed. Check it out >>