Top 10 Fishing Gift Ideas

When the gifting season comes around, the question of what to purchase for that special someone in your life can often be a serious one. Just what does one give on special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, and Christmas that they don’t have already?! If you have a fisherman in your household, the issue can be all the more problematic, as they know an awful lot more than you do about what they need – is it a lure, some special line, a rod… what KIND of rod?!

It’s a nasty position to be in and let me tell you – get the wrong rod and it’ll be going straight back to this shop!

Most fishermen are passionate about their sport and not just any gift will do. If you are not a fisherman yourself, you’re entering a minefield of information, where even the slightest error will have you surrounded by beach casting outfits, when what you really needed was something for fishing a river. Not easy, is it?

But fear not. We’ve put our heads together to come up with some ideas on your behalf – things that we, as fishermen, would be quite happy to receive and things you can give safe in the knowledge that you don’t need any specialist knowledge. We thought it was a nice idea… hopefully you and your other half will too!

Below you will find a list of our top ten gift ideas: what to give the fisherman who already has everything (I mean, how many rods does one person actually NEED?!?…. Answer: a LOT). These gifts range from the inexpensive to the extravagant, but they are all sure to please more or less any fisherman. Good luck and happy hunting!

Gift Certificates

This is one the most popular gifts of all for fishermen because it allows the fisherman to decide what item they most want or need. It relieves you from the worry of purchasing the wrong gift or type of gift and makes sure you avoid the hassle of having to return and exchange the original purchase for something else. Nobody likes doing that, after all.

Who offers the best gift certificates?

Well, this all depends on where you’re based. If you’re in the US, there are gift certificates available from most major fishing retailers – perhaps the most obvious ones being Cabelas, or Bass Pro.

If you’re in the UK, there are a few to choose from. In London you’ve got Farlows on Pall Mall (well worth a visit if you haven’t been). They offer their own gift vouchers. Or if you’re happy to shop online you could try someone like Fishtec, Sportfish, or maybe you could gift someone a fishing experience.

If you’re in Australia, Canada or South Africa you may be looking for something local to you (those are big countries). In this case your best bet, at the risk of sounding like we haven’t done the research… is to search online for fishing gift vouchers available near you. You might be surprised how many fishing operators offer them.

Fishing Magazine Subscriptions

This is also a popular gift. If there’s one thing fishermen like as much as fishing itself, it’s reading about fishing and looking at pictures of fish that other people have caught. Fishing magazines are often full of informative and entertaining articles, providing useful insight into the different types of fishing and fish. But be careful – there are plenty to choose from (too many to list here, for now at least).

Before you sign up to a subscription, see if you can find out what kind of fishing the recipient of your gift is into. Magazines are subdivided into numerous categories. Sometimes they will report on all things connected to a particular species of fish, such as Bassin, which is dedicated to covering bass fishing in the USA, or Trout and Salmon in the UK – no prizes for guessing what that one covers! Other times you’ll find more general publications, like the all-round fishing and boating mag, Sport Fishing Magazine, or the UK’s, Sea Fishing Magazine. In addition, fishing magazines can provide them a way to vicariously experience other’s fishing trips on those days, or at those times, when they are unable to get out on the water themselves.

Fishing Magazine

Fishing Books

Like fishing magazines, fishing books are often written by experienced fishermen who are both passionate and knowledgeable about their sport – probably even more passionate and knowledgeable than you (well, have you ever written a whole book about fishing??). There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, to choose between, including factual books and fiction. Some you’ll know already, if only because they’ve been popularised in film, but others might surprise you. A well written fishing book is a gift with three undeniable advantages: it can provide invaluable insight into a particular type of fishing; it can lead to many hours of entertainment for your beloved angler; and it can provide hours of peace and quiet for you!

Feel like buying a fishing book but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve done the hard work for you: check our our page on the top 15 fishing books of all time >>

Fishing Videos and DVDs

This is an excellent gift idea for those fishermen who are not avid readers, and let’s be honest, there are an awful lot of them out there – some of us, for starters! Like magazines and books, fishing videos can be both informative and entertaining, not least because they are often narrated or presented by professional fishermen, who are knowledgeable about their sport and eager to pass along some tips. That’s not always the case though… Have you ever seen the British TV show, Extreme Fishing with Robson Green? I rest my case.

Fishing T-shirts

Who doesn’t need another Tshirt? I know I could never have too many (I just need to learn to throw my old ones away when they get holes in them… or so says my wife!). I won’t waste time trying to describe the massive range of fishing Tshirts on the market, but what I will do is give you a link to our own offering. We’ve teamed up with specialist international T-shirt manufacturer, Meanfellas, who will box up and send your shirt anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Take a look at our range of fishing Tshirts here >>

Fishing Tshirts


Non-anglers may be surprised by this, but it’s a fact that high quality sunglasses are more-or-less a must have item for any fisherman, regardless of the type of fishing they pursue. There’s a simple reason for this: sunlight reflecting off of the water can be not only be annoying, but also potentially damaging to the human eye. A pair of properly designed sunglasses with optical quality, glass or plastic, polarized lenses can make a huge difference in a fisherman’s comfort level, when on the water. They eliminate glare and dramatically reduce the amount of harmful ultra-violet rays that enter the eyeball. And as if that weren’t a good enough reason, polarized lenses can also make it much easier to spot fish underwater, as they remove the surface glare, enabling you to see below the water’s surface much more easily. If you’ve never experienced this, try it – you’ll be amazed at the difference these lenses can make. Please remember though, when purchasing sunglasses for fishermen, it is imperative that you only purchase a brand with a high quality, polarized lense because poor quality lenses may cause undue strain on the eyes. Don’t worry though, this doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We recently trialled several different models from BlueWater Polarized, and despite the friendly price tag, we found them to be extremely comfortable and effective; so much so, in fact, that regular contributor and senior worm drowner, Mike Green, chose them every day over and above his much more expensive Costas.

Fishing Clothing

lthough you may not be aware of it, there are many manufactures out there that produce clothing made specifically for fisherman and we are not talking just about hats or T-shirts with fishing logos printed on them. Many manufactures produce entire wardrobes ranging from shirts to pants to jackets and even thermal underwear made from modern specialty fabrics that are meant keep the fisherman cool or warm, depending on the weather. Designs may specifically include pockets and attachments for lure boxes, sunglasses, fishing line or disgorgers, or the many other small items that fishermen often need to have close to hand when pursuing their favorite quarry. You can see our section on fishing clothing here. We’ll be expanding and adding to this section every time we find something we like!

Fishing Jewelry

Similar to a hat or a t-shirt but far more elegant in nature, fishing jewelry such as pendants, rings, and lapel or hat pins are a popular way for fishermen to display their passion for their favorite sport and can often serve as a conversation starter when out and about. It doesn’t have to be fancy. We quite like these silicone bracelets (shown above), for example.

But of course the range is endless and goes all the way up to hook-shaped earrings made of gold.

Fishing Art

Fishing art such as prints, paintings, and sculptures are another popular way for fishermen to display their passion for fishing. Also, fishing art spans a broad range from the comical to the elegantly serious and, like fishing jewelry, it often serves a conversation starter when having friends over which inevitably leads to passionate discussion of their favorite sport.

Custom Fishing Rod

Most fishermen tend to have several different types of fishing rods; each of which is meant to serve a particular purpose. However, most experienced fisherman also dream of one day owning that one special rod custom built to their specifications which they can proudly display to their buddies. Also, although intangible, there is undoubtedly something very special about hooking, fighting, and landing a fish on that one special rod that simply cannot be duplicated using a mass produced rod. Like this idea? You can see a lot more in our fishing rods section here >>

Chartered/Guided Fishing Trip

Although this is undoubtedly the most expensive type of fishing gift listed here, a chartered or guided fishing trip is the ultimate gift for any fisherman. While more ephemeral than a tangible gift such as sunglasses, fishing specific clothing, or a custom fishing rod, a chartered or guided fishing trip nonetheless engenders fond memories that will literally last a lifetime and thus, that memory can be revisited over and over again when the story is recounted to friends.

Backing down and swamping the deck

So, if you have a fishermen in your household, a special occasion coming up, and are in a quandary about what to get them, then consider one the top ten fishing gifts listed above. An avid fisherman is sure to appreciate any one of them.