Best fishing knot for thick leader?

What’s the best knot to use for a thick leader?

Very shortly I hope to be paying a second visit to Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica – one of the best venues in the world for catching giant tarpon on the fly. The fish are huge and thinking about the trip reminded me of a great knot I learned for tying on a fly employing a loop. It’s dead easy to tie and completely reliable. Here’s how to do it for those who may be interested.

This time I have son James accompanying me and I just can’t wait to see his face when he hooks into one of those explosive sliver giants!


Neat Knot Stage 1
1. Make a double overhand (granny) knot

Neat Knot Stage 2
2. Tighten gently until the knot forms a figure-of-eight shape

Neat Knot Stage 3
3. Feed the line through the eye of the fly then back through the two loops of the figure-of-eight

Neat Knot Stage 4
4. If the line is less than 20lbs b.s. make another double granny / if over 20lbs b.s. (I’m using 100lbs!) make a single granny

Neat Knot Stage 5
5. Moisten and pull tight

Job done! Give it a try – you’ll like it!

Not convinced? Check out Graeme Pullen’s video ‘How to Tie Fishing Knots’ on the Totally Awesome Fishing Show. It’s a good watch.