VIDEO: Aren’t carp supposed to be timid?!

The carp I know are slow, deliberate, fussy and often very hard to catch. It sometimes requires several consecutive days and nights of fishing, preceded by weeks of pre-baiting and surveillance, just to catch one – or sometimes none!

The carp is these videos, on the other hand, are by no means prone to spooking; in fact they’re voracious. They sometimes come from several metres away to intercept the fly, sometimes repeatedly and despite having had it whipped out from in front of them only seconds before.

The angler, Arturo Monetti, has clearly found an excellent venue where the carp aren’t fished for very often. It looks pretty remote and, judging by the small boats he fishes from, I’m guessing it’s hard for most people to access. Good for him – I love seeing this kind of invention and ingenuity. Makes me want to grab a fly rod and see what my local carp make of it!!


Carp chasing poppers

Carp on fly

Carp fishing with fly

Nice one Arturo.

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