Posts About Boats from the Team at Drowning Worms

Most anglers, at one time or another, will have fished from a boat. It's a great way to access a bunch of fishing that would otherwise be out of reach, which can make all the difference between catching and not catching fish. We love boats so, over the coming months, we'll be adding more articles about boats and boating - with a particular focus on fishing boats and accessories.
If you're a boater, boat owner, enthusiast or even a manufacturer, we'd love to hear from you. Especially if you have a boat you'd like us to try... :)

BOATING TIP: backing down… NOT like this!

Backing down and swamping the cockpit

Backing down a sport fishing boat is not without its dangers. Get it wrong, and the cockpit will be swamped with saltwater. Get it really wrong and you can sink the boat. It happens!