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If you've read our main Clothing & Accessories section, you'll know that, from-time-to-time we review specific products. These reviews are 100% genuine, so you can depend on them for being factual and unbiased.
How can we say we're unbiased when we're sent free stuff to review? Well, it's a good question. We regularly receive items of clothing and fishing accessories to test, and the expectation from the manufacturer is that we will write a review in return. And we do. But our policy is as follows:
If you send us an item and we like it, we will write a review - including both the good points and the bad. If we hate it, we won't ridicule you, we will simply write back to you saying that we will not be posting an article. That way we can maintain our journalistic integrity and still make genuine recommendations.
If you would like to send us an item to review, please email us via the contact form. Unfortunately we are unable to return your items and, as stated above, a positive review is not guaranteed. Thanks for understanding!

How to fillet a trout

How to fillet a fish

The guy doing this demo worked at a trout farm for 7 years, so he’s had plenty of practice. I’ve never seen trout filleting done this way before, but it looks very efficient when compared to my standard approach of taking off one side at a time. See what you think.

Float-tube review

Float tube review1

My good fishing pal, Ryan, located some reasonably priced float tubes to try and we thought we’d report back. At the time it seemed like a really good idea.