Tips to Help You Identify the Best Fishing Conditions

We've all wondered it at one time or another - what are the best conditions for fishing? At what time of day do I stand most chance of catching that fish of a lifetime... or just catching any darned fish at all?! Is it better to fish just before, or just after a flood? Do storms affect a fish's attitude towards taking a bait? If it's sunny and calm, should I wind in and have a sleep on the river bank? This section will attempt to answer these questions and more, so stay tuned for more!

What makes fish bite?

Global Prevailing Winds

For centuries fishermen all over the world have pondered this question but we are seemingly none the wiser. Sometimes you can catch fish, other times you can’t and, although we might give one of a hundred excuses as to why we’ve come home empty-handed (too bright/too dark/too hot/too cold/too windy/too still etc), more often than […]

What are the best conditions for pike fly fishing?


Fish (and many other creatures) seem to know when a cold spell is coming and often go on a feeding spree beforehand. This is just one good example of a great time to fish.