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Every fisherman you meet will be able (and probably more than willing, if our experience is anything to go by!) to give you a tip or two on how to catch more fish. It's a misconception that anglers always keep their methods and tactics secret - the majority are good people and want to share their sport with their fellow fishermen. of course, that doesn't mean they won't keep their favourite fishing hole private. Wouldn't you?
We'll keep this section up to date with all the latest tips, ideas, methods, rigs and baits so keep your eyes peeled for new content. What's more, if you have a tip of your own that you can't wait to share, drop us a line via our contact form and we'll add it here. Hopefully we can use this section to increase your enjoyment of the great outdoors, and maybe you can help your fellow anglers while we're at it!
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Is it worth trying different methods when pike fishing?

Giant Ondex

Although most people have their favourite ways of pike fishing, I find it pays not to be too blinkered in approach. When things aren’t going well it’s often worth trying different methods, as I did here…

Get More Distance When Spey or Roll Casting

Tongariro Roll Cast2

Roll casting with a single handed rod. Check out the following steps. If you can follow this process, I’m confident you’ll be able to get significantly more distance when spey or roll casting.

Nice spey casting video

Spey casting video

If you’ve ever fished with a double-handed rod, it’s likely you’ve tried spey casting. You’ll also know that, while in the hands of an expert a spey cast can be a truly beautiful technique, creating wonderful shapes and serious line speed, in the hands of an amateur it can be terrifying. My friend, Andy Blyth, […]

Best fishing knot for thick leader?

Neat Knot Stage 4

What’s the best knot to use for a thick leader? Very shortly I hope to be paying a second visit to Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica – one of the best venues in the world for catching giant tarpon on the fly. The fish are huge and thinking about the trip reminded me of […]

What makes fish bite?

Global Prevailing Winds

For centuries fishermen all over the world have pondered this question but we are seemingly none the wiser. Sometimes you can catch fish, other times you can’t and, although we might give one of a hundred excuses as to why we’ve come home empty-handed (too bright/too dark/too hot/too cold/too windy/too still etc), more often than […]

Are these the best fly patterns ever created?

Wasp fly pattern for fishing

For a fly to be successful, it needs to catch the eye of the fisherman, not just the fish. These stunning examples are the best fly patterns we’ve ever seen.