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Every fisherman you meet will be able (and probably more than willing, if our experience is anything to go by!) to give you a tip or two on how to catch more fish. It's a misconception that anglers always keep their methods and tactics secret - the majority are good people and want to share their sport with their fellow fishermen. of course, that doesn't mean they won't keep their favourite fishing hole private. Wouldn't you?
We'll keep this section up to date with all the latest tips, ideas, methods, rigs and baits so keep your eyes peeled for new content. What's more, if you have a tip of your own that you can't wait to share, drop us a line via our contact form and we'll add it here. Hopefully we can use this section to increase your enjoyment of the great outdoors, and maybe you can help your fellow anglers while we're at it!
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How to tie a loop knot

Simple fly fishing knot 1

There are many different knots you can use for fly fishing but there aren’t many that are guaranteed to keep your fly straight. This simple little knot is one I have used for many years for trout, sea trout and salmon fishing. It’s easy to tie and keeps the line from ‘hingeing’ on the eye […]

Return to Earith Lakes

Earith Lakes Owners House

A few years ago my great friend and fishing pal, Bob Church, introduced me to this beautiful fishery in the fenlands of Cambridgeshire, and I liked it at first sight. Bob had previously caught some enormous rainbow trout there, including one over 20 pounds, as well as specimen rudd, bream, tench and carp. He was […]