Where to Fish and When - Top Tips

Ever wondered how you're supposed to know exactly where to fish? Or fished with one of those people who always seems to pick the best spot? We have - and it is one of the most frustrating feelings in the sport. But have no fear, that's what this section is all about.
We'll be adding posts and articles from our team of fishing superstars, who will offer down-to-earth advice and guidance on what to look for and when - from fishing the clearer side streams when the rivers are in flood, to getting out there two days before a hard frost (apparently!). We hope it helps!

Flyfishing New Zealand on a shoestring

New Zealand Brown Trout

When I say flyfishing New Zealand on a shoestring I mean it. The average guide in NZ charges $500 to 600 a day. I charge US$150, including accommodation. But there’s method to the madness…!

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Earith Lakes Owners House

A few years ago my great friend and fishing pal, Bob Church, introduced me to this beautiful fishery in the fenlands of Cambridgeshire, and I liked it at first sight. Bob had previously caught some enormous rainbow trout there, including one over 20 pounds, as well as specimen rudd, bream, tench and carp. He was […]