Kayak Fishing Posts from Drowning Worms

In this section you'll find kayak reviews, equipment launches, and posts about kayak fishing accessories.
Our kayak reviews include all types of kayak - from sit-in and sit-on-top models, to the less common inflatable kayaks and tandem vessels.
The other equipment you'll find includes paddles, life jackets and floatation devices, dollies and trailers, anchors, kayak fishing rods, fish finders, fish bags and decals.
For more information, you may like to refer to our comprehensive guide to fishing kayaks.

Reasons to Purchase Used Fishing Kayaks

Used Fishing Kayak

People purchase used products for a number of reasons. Each person is different on their opinions about buying used equipment. I know I lot of people that spend a lot of money on new equipment only to find out that it really wasn’t what they wanted. What do they do when they find out it […]

What to look for in a Kayak Fishing Paddle

Kayak Fishing Paddle

There are several different types of paddles available to you in the market today. The kayak paddle is much different from the paddles we use in our boats and canoes. Boat and canoe paddles are single blade paddles that are usually about 3’ to 4’ long and is designed to give you more of a […]

Best touring kayak experience for you

Best Touring Kayak

Buying the best touring kayak in the market can be quite daunting. For first time buyers, this has proved to be quite a challenge with man finding it hard to get the quality kayak that they desired to get. This can either be caused by buying from unauthorized vendors or simply lacking the knowledge of […]

Kayak Fishing Tips to Make Your Trip a Success

Kayak Fishing Tips

We all know in order to have a successful fishing outing that it takes time to prepare and plan. This is no different when it comes to kayak fishing. If you take the time to make the adjustments you need to make your kayak a better fit for you the more comfortable you will be. […]