The Best Knots and Joins for Fishing

We've all been there - you wait all day for a fish only to have a knot "let you down" at the moment of truth. You think back in the hope that, maybe, someone else tied on that hook but you realise the idiot in question is yours truly... D'oh!
So to help you avoid this happening again (or happening for the first time if you've never suffered the same fate), here's a selection of the best fishing knots and joins for various different situations. We'll be adding to this from time-to-time and, if you know a killer knot that we haven't covered, please send us your version (ideally with some pictures) and we'll be sure to add it to the list! Cheers!

How to stop line twisting when spinning

Spinner and swivel - how to stop fishing line twisting

Drowning Worms reader, Nick Ratsey, wrote asking us “how do you to stop your line from twisting when you’re spinning or trolling lures?” So here goes…

Best fishing knot for thick leader?

Neat Knot Stage 4

What’s the best knot to use for a thick leader? Very shortly I hope to be paying a second visit to Silver King Lodge in Costa Rica – one of the best venues in the world for catching giant tarpon on the fly. The fish are huge and thinking about the trip reminded me of […]

How To Tie Two Fishing Lines Together

Figure 1 - Strongest Fishing Knot

Most anglers know how to tie two fishing lines together, but do they know the strongest possible knot? I learned this knot from Bruce, a South African guide living in the Seychelles, a few years ago and I have used it ever since for joining nylon (as in shock leader) to braided line. When I […]

Fishing knots for braided line

Grinner Knot1

This simple knot is suitable for both nylon and braided lines or a combination of the two. I find it useful for attaching a hook securely to the line/leader, or for joining two lines together, including joining a ‘shock leader’ to the running line. If you would use ONLY this knot for ALL your fishing, […]

How To Attach Fly Line To Backing

Join backing and line1

What I am about to describe seems so obvious it could be a waste of effort but it took my good friend, Jamie Groom, and I some time and experimenting before we arrived at this result. For my pike fly fishing I invariably use an 11-weight Airflo shooting-head, coupled to Airflo 50lb level ‘Ridge’ running-line […]

How to tie a loop knot

Simple fly fishing knot 1

There are many different knots you can use for fly fishing but there aren’t many that are guaranteed to keep your fly straight. This simple little knot is one I have used for many years for trout, sea trout and salmon fishing. It’s easy to tie and keeps the line from ‘hingeing’ on the eye […]