Warning: Coarse Fishermen Only

Only joking, we don't discriminate - but if we did, we'd be on your side (you're probably bigger than us). Coarse fishermen are a different breed. Who else in their right mind would get up while it'd still dark, trudge over a muddy field, sit down under an umbrella, and stay there, barely moving all day, just to catch fish no bigger than ten inches? Mad men, that's who.
Sadly, as we're coarse fishermen ourselves, we're probably flogging a dead horse. You can't explain to a non-believer why a two-pound roach is so appealing, and we would probably never admit to dreaming about catching one, but you know what? We wouldn't bother anyway. We'd prefer to keep the likes of them off our rivers and out of our swims, thank you very much. So we'll keep quiet, take it on the chin, and laugh on the other side of our faces! Tight lines you mean of long poles, occasional reels and bulging keep nets. We hope you enjoy our coarse fishing section, because it's just for you.

Catching Fish: Why Are Anglers So Hard to Please?

Double-figure bream caught from Hollowell Reservoir, Northants

Catching no fish isn’t great, but catching fish one-after-another is not what want either! When it comes to fishermen, there’s no pleasing us!

London’s Urban Fishing Scene

Urban Fishing London

The waterways of London offer anglers a surprisingly good chance of catching fish, including flounder, eels, pike, roach, carp, and even salmon, but we must protect our waterways from the ever-present threat of poaching.

Where else can you catch 200lbs of carp in an afternoon?

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

In the week all you have to do is turn up and fish and, having caught 200lbs of carp in a few short hours, I would suggest that you could do a lot worse!

The Carp Wake Up

Molly at 33.2oz - mirror carp

This time things were to be different. I managed a few rudd, twenty carp in the 8oz-to-a-pound class, a 5lb zander, three pike and two thirties, pictured here.

Record catfish? It’s a monster!

World record wels catfish artificial bait

Italian Dino Ferrari landed this massive 280-pound wels catfish from Italy’s Po Delta, while fishing an artificial bait on the surface.

Tenth Time Lucky with a Monster Perch

Perch fishing at Grafham

On careful weighing, the monster perch was well over the magic number, at a weight of 4lbs 8oz exactly. I was floating on air. What a fish and what a day!