Warning: Coarse Fishermen Only

Only joking, we don't discriminate - but if we did, we'd be on your side (you're probably bigger than us). Coarse fishermen are a different breed. Who else in their right mind would get up while it'd still dark, trudge over a muddy field, sit down under an umbrella, and stay there, barely moving all day, just to catch fish no bigger than ten inches? Mad men, that's who.
Sadly, as we're coarse fishermen ourselves, we're probably flogging a dead horse. You can't explain to a non-believer why a two-pound roach is so appealing, and we would probably never admit to dreaming about catching one, but you know what? We wouldn't bother anyway. We'd prefer to keep the likes of them off our rivers and out of our swims, thank you very much. So we'll keep quiet, take it on the chin, and laugh on the other side of our faces! Tight lines you mean of long poles, occasional reels and bulging keep nets. We hope you enjoy our coarse fishing section, because it's just for you.

Fishing the River Test

5.5lb River Test Chub

Bob Church and I recently made the journey down to Romsey in Hampshire as guests of Dave Steuart – famous all-round angler for many decades, captor of some amazingly large salmon from the Hampshire Avon and Dorset Stour, and surviving member of a legendary husband/wife partnership. Dave and his late wife Kaye between them caught […]

Fishing in cold weather

Roach and rudd

Is there such a thing as good coarse fishing in cold weather? I have been experiencing this for years. Is it part of a trend? See what you think…

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

Holmes Farm Fishery, Leicestershire

Yesterday I spent the morning walking Max, then acquiring hanging baskets and flowers for the garden. After hanging up the former and planting the latter, I had four free hours before a planned evening barbeque: just time, I thought, to pay another visit to that nice little day-ticket fishery near Lubenham, Holmes Farm. With not […]

Where to coarse fish in Leicestershire?

Holme’s Farm Fishery, Lubenham

Although I have fished virtually all my life, until recently I had never fancied visiting a commercial fishery, by which I mean a smallish public lake liberally stocked with coarse fish – mostly small carp. Sitting in amongst a load of other guys, pulling in fish after fish, which are probably caught on a regular […]

Pike and zander fishing at Grafham Water

Bob Church Zander

Many people know that I fish regularly with Bob Church, possibly the best know angler in the UK. Despite not being in the best of health in recent years, Bob’s keenness and enthusiasm is undaunted – and he NEVER wants to pack up! Even so, when we fish together these days it often seems to […]