Nothing But Sea Fishing - News and Catches

Sea fishermen and women are a rugged bunch - they've got to be. Out there on the high seas, braving the waves and the storms, never knowing what the day may have in store for them - it's not for everyone. But that's also what makes it special. Head out to sea and you never quite know what the day has in store.
We've created this section to put together, all in one place, the very best of the world's sea fishing news and catches. There's not a carp or crappie to be seen. If you're a super-tough, double-hard, worm-crushing, crab-eating, sea-fishing hard man, then this page is for you. Sir.

Don’t try this at home

Extreme fishing video

For the people out there who think fishing means sitting beside a canal with a thermos flask and a lunchbox full of sandwiches, check out this video. Clearly these guys don’t care that much about living, but they catch some decent fish!

Huge Hammerhead Tows Man Out to Sea

Hammerhead tows kayak out to sea

Keen kayak angler Adam Fisk got more than he bargained for when he hooked a huge, 11-foot hammerhead over the weekend. It towed him 8 miles in under 6 minutes before he finally gave up and cut the line.

Cod caught with vibrator

Cod vibrator

They say funnier things happen at sea… Norwegian fisherman, Bjoern Frilund, was left “astonished” after finding a large vibrator inside the stomach of his latest catch, a 6kg cod.

It’s not what’s on the end of this fisherman’s line that’s a shock. It’s what happens next!

Fishing surprise

This guy gets the scare of his life when he pulls his fish to the surface. Something tells me that rod is not up to the task…!!

World record cod is only fish ever to break 100lbs

103lb cod world record

Michael Eisele hooked and boated this massive 103lb cod in May 2013 – a new world record and the only cod ever caught weighing more than 100lbs. Great pictures – what a beast!

Pollock Fishing at the Eddystone Lighthouse

Eddystone Lighthouse

On a sunny day in October, the Green family took advantage of the extremely calm conditions and blasted out to go fishing at the Eddystone Lighthouse, where they picked up a nice mixed bag. Watch the video here.