Nothing But Sea Fishing - News and Catches

Sea fishermen and women are a rugged bunch - they've got to be. Out there on the high seas, braving the waves and the storms, never knowing what the day may have in store for them - it's not for everyone. But that's also what makes it special. Head out to sea and you never quite know what the day has in store.
We've created this section to put together, all in one place, the very best of the world's sea fishing news and catches. There's not a carp or crappie to be seen. If you're a super-tough, double-hard, worm-crushing, crab-eating, sea-fishing hard man, then this page is for you. Sir.

Caught on camera – this fisherman had it coming

Cack-handed fisherman

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d say this is a pretty cack-handed way of changing a grip on the rod. I love the way he hangs his head in shame.

Redfish and offshore fishing in Georgia

catching redfish in georgia

Captain Richie specialises in redfish and offshore fishing in Georgia – catching all manner of species including bulls, amberjack, triple tail, barracuda, flounder, sea bass, speckled trout and even trigger fish, for which his boat broke the state record.

Is this the face of a killer?

Longtom - needlefish

There are a some disturbing facts about needlefish, sometimes called longtom, that you may not have known. Did you know, for example, that they have no stomach? Or that they’ve been responsible for two people’s deaths?

Two cracking goliath grouper videos

Goliath Grouper Video

If you don’t believe that groupers are fearless, watch these two goliath grouper videos. The first shows grouper vs man, the second is grouper vs shark. In both cases… it’s no contest!

Amberjack fishing in Spain

Dirk Wolthuis amberjack 240lb La Palma, Spain

You don’t need to travel to the other side of the globe for monster saltwater fish. Dutch angler Dirk Wolthuis had a giant while amberjack fishing in Spain.

Where to shore fish for cod and whiting in the UK

East coast cod fishing, UK

The best shore fishing is invariably after dark when fish tend to venture closer in to shore. Sea fish do not tend to be tackle-shy, especially in the coloured water of the North Sea, and complicated end rigs are not necessary.