Review: Farlex S-Handle Fly Reel

22lb atlantic salmon

At $800 – $1200 a Farlex will make a serious dent in your wallet, but if you want something truly unique, this is a fly reel you will never stop enjoying.

Handmade fly reels from a bygone age

Farlex Reels

How’s this for customer service? I’m in the queue for one of Farlex Reels’ new 4″ raised pillar, S-handle handmade fly reels and just received this video from the maker, Tim Gelinas. Wonderful.

Review – the best carp fishing reels for any budget

Shimano Baitrunner 12000 D

We’ve written a review of what, in our humble opinion, are the best carp fishing reels on the market for any given budget. We hope you find it useful and we’ll welcome your feedback.

No groundbait wins the day!

Kens-mirror carp

Before I could cast the third rod out – and just as Ken arrived – the first one was away! Unfortunately that fish came off almost immediately and, winding in, I discovered that the hook had broken!

Live Target Baitball Lure

Koppers Baitball Lure

Sometimes you just can’t find a lure small enough, but the Live Target BaitBall Lure might be an alternative, imitating not one small fry, but several.

Rapala Angry Birds Lures

Angry Birds lures red

These Angry Birds fishing lures from Rapala, paying homage to the Internet sensation and best-selling iPhone app of the same name. Don’t they look great?