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Ever think about conservation? Worry about dwindling fish stocks? Wonder where all the salmon have gone? This section could be for you.
We'll cover the hottest topics in fishing conservation, from updates on petitions to technological and environmental news stories. Let's protect our sport by fishing responsibly.

You won’t believe how this little chap has grown

Juvenile Bluefin Tuna

Thanks to an amazing tagging programme and cooperation from local anglers, a tiny tuna like this was recently recaptured weighing 102kg and measuring 191cm!

This Supertrawler Catch Will Make Your Eyes Water (I Hope)

Supertrawler catch

This video shows you the staggering number of fish swept up by a large trawler’s net, but that’s nothing compared to the giant ‘supertrawlers’ shown below, whose nets measure the length of four jumbo jets.

Behold… the salmon cannon

Salmon cannon

Seattle-based company, Whooshh Innovations have developed vacuum-based technology for transporting migrating fish past dams and obstacles. It’s called… “the salmon cannon”.

Scalloped hammerhead sharks endangered

Scalloped hammerhead shark

In recent weeks, NOAA Fisheries listed scalloped hammerhead sharks in certain areas as endangered – another sign that mankind is taking more than the sea can replenish. is it time we started fishing more responsibly or should we just crack on regardless?

How to release a salmon (not)

How not to release a salmon

How not to release a salmon. As any salmon fisherman will tell you, just because the river is full of fish doesn’t mean you’re going to catch them.

OK, I admit it, there are some nipples here, but it’s art man…

You may be thinking that we’re taking this is as an opportunity for some gratuitous nudity and perving, but actually you’d be wrong. This is art man….