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Record-breaking fish – carp, cod and catfish that’ll make your eyes pop out!

Record Mekong Catfish

Around the world, record-breaking fish seem to appear with surprising regularity. That may be due to the huge number of species, and the different record types (shore-caught, boat-caught, world, country or state records, different line weights, etc). But there are certain record breakers, whose awesomeness stands the test of time! Giant Norwegian Cod for Bert […]

Catfish Car from American Pride Seafood

Catfish Car from American Pride Seafood

Check out the ‘catfish car’ from the marketing genius at American Pride Seafood. They’ve totally gone to town on what once appears to have been a VW Beetle. This is the stuff social media marketers’ dreams are made of!

Huge fish catch in Sri Lanka

Huge fish catch in Sri Lanka

I can’t identify these long, thin fish for definite, but I would guess they’re a mixture of Spanish mackerel and yellowfin tuna, and boy are there a lot of them…!

Shark versus croc (WARNING: some people may find this disturbing)

American croc versus shark

It seems fairly clear that these guys had absolutely no idea how to handle the shark they’d hooked, but they were even less prepared for what happened next.

That’s not a knife… THIS is a knife!

Tuna cutting

They say simple things bring us the most pleasure. There’s something about this man’s fluid movement, the lack of waste and the precision in this short film that is just a joy to behold. Or am I just weird?

Are you ugly? Well there may be a silver lining

blobfish profile

The prize for ugliest animal in the world went to the grumpy-looking, gelatinous blobfish, which seized victory by almost 10,000 votes! In winning, the blobfish hit the headlines. And that’s where the good news begins…