Debate and Discussion from the World of Angling

Do you enjoy a good argument? (I'm resisting the obvious innuendo about some kind of debate)
Well, this could be the section for you. Here we'll talk about the issues on which many anglers simply can't agree - from unscrupulous fishing techniques and unidentified fish species to angler (mis)behaviour and unsolved mysteries.
Want to start a debate? Let us know what you'd like to discuss, or send us your opinion and we'll kick off the biggest fishing debate the world has ever seen (or not).

Can snakes catch fish?

Snake fisherman

Can snakes catch fish? OK, it’s a pretty obvious headline, but I had no idea snakes could go underwater and catch themselves a fish supper. As these photos show, clearly I was wrong.

Shark attack caught on camera

Shark attack video

Most divers and surfers will tell you not to worry about shark attacks. As an instructor once told me when teaching me to surf: “Get out there you pussy, sharks eat fish!”.

Alaska, No See Um Lodge – Photos by Matt Harris

Alaska, No See Um Lodge Sockeye Salmon - Matt Harris

The first in our series of photographs from the UK’s Matt Harris – professional fly fishing photographer by day, London ad agency image man by night.

Arctic Char vs Dolly Varden vs Bull Trout vs Salmon: Differences

Salvelinus Alpinus - Arctic char

Arctic char, bull trout and Dolly Varden form part of the “salmonid” group. They are extremely similar – some may say identical – but here are some differences that may help you tell them apart.

Can fisheries recover from toxic algae?

15lb pike from Arnold's

Our never-fail pike lake developed an awful toxic algae bloom, following a spell of very hot, still weather. It caused the death of scores of fish. Could it ever recover, we wondered?

Sea lion vs seal

Sea lion vs seal

Look at this cheeky sea lion, snatching a fisherman’s prized dorado from right under his nose! What makes us think it’s a sealion vs seal? Well, here’s a a good way to spot the difference…